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Self Service

Self-service and vending machines

Megatec Information Technology AB delivers self-service solutions to different kind of public environments.
Some customer examples are municipalities, restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, zoos, medical centers, camping, ports and passenger transport companies.

Self-service such as ticket vending machines and express vending machines streamline the customer reception and sales process. By using our user-friendly self-service vending machines in your business, you can increase your staff capacity considerably and have an opportunity for increased sales when orders are placed via an express machine. The customers can calmly make their choices and are therefore often more inclined to make extra choices.

Customer satisfaction often increases with self-service vending machines as they shorten the queues and the customers experience time savings and greater control over their choices.
The vending machines are flexible and can be provided with all payment solutions for public environments. 
And when the vending machines are not used by customers for ordering purposes they can act as digital signage displaying advertising or other information for your business display.

We are often involved from the very beginning - brainstorming, need analysis, sketches and drawings. We can take help of industrial designers combined with our deep expertise with hardware and software. With our own service organization we can also offer service agreements.

Contact us and describe your need. Together we can find the best solution for you.

Vending machines from Megatec