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Digital Signage Semi-outdoor

Digital Signage semi-outdoor (DS-so) from Megatec are available as individual cabinets, video screenwalls and LED matrix walls.
A large and durable digital videowall suits well in environments such as train stations and shopping malls. It is very flexible and can be mounted either on the wall or double-sided as freestanding with stable and discreet consoles. The wall consists of nine screens with dividing edges as thin as 1.7 mm.
For larger areas, we offer LED matrix walls that are unlimited in size.

The standard version is equipped with a front glass adapted for use in public environments. The front glass has a anti-reflex coating in order to give as clear image reproduction as possible. The screen is very powerful and has a technology that is designed to advertising material that is displayed around the clock.

With our cutting-edge expertise and experience we have high quality solutions for managing the heat generated in the cabinet. Depending on the environment and location, we have solutions that protect the screens and signs from the surrounding particles, such as railroad dust from trains and subways.
We have also developed a hermetic cabinet that has a fully enclosed system and therefore can withstand tough environments extraordinarily well.

All these products have a prompt and powerful equipment which enables the transmission monitoring of all advertising and communication, both moving image and content as well as analog material.
The chassis around the video wall or screen is powder-coated and a backlit logo can be placed in the passepartout.