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About Megatec Information Technology

Megatec manufactures digital signs, large and small, with various technologies, for public environments.
We are an international , independent supplier and our solutions can be found in different parts of the world. Our strength lies within our staff with cutting-edge expertise in digital signage for really demanding environments.

Our products and solutions create added value for our customers and their end users through efficient use of the latest technology and stylish design. The product concept includes screens and panels, digital signage software and software to ensure high reliability with remote control of digital signage. Our range of services also includes programming, project management, installation, service and training.

The key to Megatec's success is a core of competent employees who have worked in the company for many years.
We have developed innovative and completely unique products, which have resulted in very satisfied and loyal customers. Megatec's strengths are business development, understanding customers' challenges and needs as well as our very high technical expertise.
Finally, adding function and design leads us to a high-quality end product.

Digital signage is an important and rapidly growing business area that we develop every day. Megatec has several years of experience with outdoor digital screens and weather environments where you have to take into account factors such as cooling, heating, condensation, UV-radiation, front glass and CE approval.
Megatec manufactures outdoor screens with brightness from 1,500 nits up to 5000 nits, which is required if the screens are exposed to direct sun in the south.

Megatec is owned by Speed Services, an international provider of photo booths, lockers and Wi-Fi.